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New Product Development

A new product development process consists of design, collection and sales & marketing stages. The process is driven based on market requirements and company goals. During each stage, external resources such as customers, sales representatives and distributors are consulted. Additionally, feedback and insights from partner laboratories, technical staff, research institutions and consulting firms are included in the product development processes. Based on all available information, a meeting is held to identify innovative ideas for new products and how to best serve the demand of the changing global customer base.


The planning processes and the supply chain performance directly affects the production processes and consequently, customer satisfaction. Our purchasing department ensures high quality fabrics are used for each product in order to satisfy customer expectations to the fullest. Collection planning, order entry, production planning and delivery planning processes are then optimized to fully meet customer demand and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Our production processes aim to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver high quality products by taking advantage of technological investments, technical insights and resource allocation models. Thus, our production stages include an overview of the workflow, procedures, regulations and continuous quality improvements. To satisfy increasing demand, production capacity is frequently enhanced with adjustments. With continuous growth and quality improvements, we are able to deliver high-end products to our customers with short lead times unlike most of our competitors.


The continuous quality control and improvement processes require a variety of technological software, equipment and hardware investments. Purchased fabrics are always tested for quality and resistance. Approved fabrics are sent to our depots for storage until they are used in the production stage. Cutting-edge technologies such as automatic fabric spreader machines, automatic cutter machines and plotters are used in our production facilities. All of our supply chain processes are integrated to ERP systems for monitoring. The reports received from ERP systems are then used to analyze and improve performance metrics by increasing production efficiency, enhancing product quality and allowing for sustainability.